The Importance of Popular Culture 

Everything in the modern world reflects popular culture. Our music, the arts, the movie we watch, everything that we continuously consume today are forms of pop culture. Popular culture is a form of culture in which it is being continuously mocked and criticized as something which is senseless and illogical.

However, it is of primary importance to know what this culture is being identified as, as well as its uses in various ways. 

1. How Popular Culture Produce Norms

One of the avenues wherein the ideology of the dominant or ruling class of a particular society spreads these ideologies is through media. For example, the fashion industry showcases their works of arts through fashion weeks and fashion shows which is showcased in facets of media. Stores and malls are going to sell these dresses so that the masses will have to embrace it. Popular culture is the very culture that necessarily creates norms, of course, more than fashion. What sexual practices are okay, what music is on trend or even how children should act, all of these is dictated by popular culture.

2. Popular culture creates boundaries

Just like how we enjoy the music we listen to, the kind of dresses we wear and the kind of movies that we enjoy, popular culture doesn’t only create our distinctive identity but also, it creates a form of ‘society’ in which people have a lot of things in common. The rise of popular culture dictates the kind of music or movie we embrace as well as the things we have to regret and reject. This will in turn create boundaries in which who are inside our circle are those with mutual likes and dislikes.

3. Popular Culture creates rituals

Because of the rise of popular culture, a lot of ‘rituals’ have been sprouting over the years. Teenagers going to clubs, college students go out together to witness a TV events, fans line up for book release-every single ‘ritual’ is made possible by the rise of popular culture. These rituals yields feeling of belongingness as well as a bond that these people have in general.

4. Popular Culture generate innovations

Since popular culture do not necessarily celebrate what is obsolete, it has always paved way into creating something new. One of the most celebratory things that the popular culture has created is the use of the internet. A lot of things have transpired from the internet- social media, video-sharing contents- these are things that will not exist if ever popular culture hasn’t been strong in pushing these things forward.

5. Pop Culture Yields Changes in the society

Perhaps the most important thing that popular culture has is on how this necessarily helps in creating social change. One example is the victory of Obama in the US elections. Perhaps one of the reasons why Obama won the election is because he used the influence of many celebrities to forward his political ideologies. Furthermore, rap music is another example which necessarily challenges the white canon of music since rap celebrates black or African-American music culture.

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