There are a lot of art works that are being celebrated even up to now, regardless if how old these works are. Some of these are inclined on the visual arts- paintings, sketches and the likes, others are on performing arts theater, music and others. Theater is one of the most common form of art that is still into existence even up to now.

However, because of the existence of movies, social media and other innovations of technology, theater and other performance arts’ appreciation has been slowly declining. Because a lot of people do not necessarily know the value of the art, some of us are very complacent about it.

Listed on this article are the things why theater is still important in this generation. 

1. Theater is a reflection of human beings

Theater and other forms of performing arts is a phenomenon that is shared by almost all cultures of the world. The human kind is the only species that could yield theatre. Among other things, theater is what makes us humans.

2. Theater is a form of Self-Expression

One of the most amazing forms of art wherein we could easily express ourselves to is theater. Theater is very important especially in developing of our ability to transcend message (i.e. emotion, feelings, thoughts) to others. Meaning, theater could always improve the relationships of individuals which in turn could improve the world around us.

3. Theater is successful to lobby history

Theatre is an amazing way to be able to have a clearer grasp on the happenings in the past. Instead of reading the events of the past in dusty old textbooks, theater brings life to these happenings in the past right before the eyes of its viewers. Meaning, it makes learning history more fun and innovative rather than boring and gloomy.

4. Education

As what is written above, theater is a good way to lobby a greater way to educate individuals. Theater offers us a variety of things- from individuals, races, places, ideas and many more wherein the internet nor books could necessarily offer. Because theater is not only an avenue to learn a specific lesson but it also teaches us people about things of a higher sense in a very dynamic and fun way.

5. Theater yields creativity

Creativity is one of the things that teaches us how to be creative. Most if not all educational systems around the world are pushing forward things such as science, technology, engineering or mathematics that we forget about how to be creative. These educational systems are creating a ‘unitary’ kind of people wherein after college education, these people will become workers without necessarily being equipped with fun and excitement.

It should not reach to a point wherein we call performance arts, such as theater, as something which is obsolete. Theater should always have a place in our society. A focus in pure sciences is not necessarily bad, but the arts should always have a bearing in the personality of a person. Without the arts, without theater, people will not have a soul, which makes us more human at the end of the day.